Brooklyn Centre


The Brooklyn Centre neighborhood is home to over 9,224 residents. Overall the population of Brooklyn Centre is approximately 60.2% white, 21.7% black, 1.4% Asian, and 16.7% other. Approximately 31.6% of residents identify as Latinx. Median household income for the area is $24,797.


Brooklyn Centre originally part of Brooklyn Township was organized in 1818. The neighborhood formed a business district by the 1920s along the intersection of Denison Avenue and Pearl Road. Brooklyn Centre was later annexed to the City of Cleveland in 1890 and 1894.

The population of the neighborhood grew steadily in the early 1900s as rural residents moved into the city. This rise in population resulted in major development within Brooklyn Centre with the laying out of all present streets by 1906 and the construction of most of the neighborhood’s homes by 1915. The population hit a peak in the 1940s at 17,637 residents.

The neighborhood has experienced a sense of revitalization in recent years thanks to its many proud and vibrant community members. Since the 1970s, more than $30 million has been invested into the restoration of the historic homes of Brooklyn Centre. The Brooklyn Centre Historical Society was formed in in 1978 which led to the establishment of the Brooklyn Centre Historic District in 1984. It was nationally registered as a historic district in 1987.

Brooklyn Centre’s Archwood Avenue became a local historic district in 1987. Archwood is a wide street, lined with large homes built in the early 20th century. The 57 homes and buildings that make up the historic district are of varying architectural styles. Archwood Avenue is known for the bi-annual Archwood Street Sale. This upbeat and quirky street sale includes food, resale items, and goods from local artists.

Historical information was sourced from Reflections from Brooklyn Centre: Presentations and Oral Histories from The Brooklyn Centre Historical Society, 2004.