The Clark-Fulton neighborhood is a thriving community full of vibrancy and diversity. The Clark-Fulton neighborhood is home to over 11,000 residents and the densest population of Hispanic and Latino residents in the state of Ohio. Overall the population of Clark-Fulton is approximately 64% Hispanic/Latinx, 34% white, 17% black, and 3% other. Median household income for the area is $22,900.


Clark-Fulton was originally settled in the late 1800s by European immigrants from Germany, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Italy due to an abundance of jobs at the numerous local breweries and the neighboring stockyards. As breweries and stockyard operations declined in the 1960s, the neighborhood saw a decline in population. However, around this same time Clark-Fulton experienced its first wave of Puerto Rican migration. The neighborhood saw a large demographic shift in the 1980s with a second wave of Puerto Rican migrants and its first wave of African American residents. Clark-Fulton saw its third wave of migration from Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Although the majority of Latinx residents identify as Puerto Rican, there is also a growing number of residents from Central and South America.

La Villa Hispana & West 25th Corridor

Celebrating the diversity of the community is important to the residents, businesses and stakeholders of the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. Metro West CDO, in partnership with the Hispanic Alliance, Inc., Hispanic Business Center and Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, MetroHealth, Ward 14 Councilwoman Jasmin Santana, Tremont West Development Corporation and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress continue to develop La Villa Hispana. La Villa Hispana is an enclave of Clark-Fulton and the cultural and economic hub of the Latinx community in Cleveland. Conceived by community stakeholders many years ago, the initiative has developed a comprehensive plan to celebrate the diversity of our community through community development, arts and culture, and economic development.

The W. 25th Corridor represents a tremendous opportunity for Clark-Fulton and the surrounding community. South on West 25th from La Villa Hispana, MetroHealth Hospital is currently undergoing their Campus Transformation, which will be catalytic for the neighborhood. Through the transformation, MetroHealth plans to create a ‘front door’ to the community, through both design and engagement. This vision will allow for the prospect of mixed-use development, creating opportunities for residential and commercial structures and rehabilitation of older, underutilized buildings along the corridor.