The Metro West housing team works to improve the conditions and appearance of both the residential and commercial properties in our neighborhoods through property code enforcement, housing redevelopment, referrals to home rehab programs, foreclosure prevention and strategic demolition.

For more information about housing, contact Kris Harsh at

Community Engagement and Safety

Community engagement staff work to support grass roots groups and initiatives, improve neighborhood safety within the community, and connect residents, stakeholders and community institutions.

For more information about community engagement and safety, contact Adam Gifford

Economic Development

Metro West works to support local businesses by providing technical assistance, assisting with storefront renovations, referring small loan and matching grant programs, assisting neighborhood infrastructure projects, and through commercial code enforcement.

For more information about economic development, contact Kristyn Zollos at

Green Space and Beautification

Metro West works to improve the conditions of vacant lots and green spaces through assistance with community gardens, small grants for green space development, and neighborhood cleanups. We also help residents gain access to vacant land for community projects.